Does it make sense to pay for Instabang Gold Membership?

Does it make sense to pay for Instabang Gold Membership?

How much will it cost you if you were to try your luck on an online casual dating site? How much does Instabang cost? There are numerous casual dating sites available, and when compared to these sites, the cost of Instabang is average.

Is Instabang expensive or cheap?

An Instabang premium deal is called a Gold Membership. The casual dating site offers monthly deals that cover 1, 6, or 12 months.

Now, the website promotes casual dating, which usually is something short-term. If you feel like subscribing to a monthly membership is too much, too soon (since you’re only testing the waters or casually dating), Instabang offers something more flexible. You may opt to avail the trials first. Instabang lets you choose between a 2-Day and 7-Day trial-explore, flirt, and score dates to your heart’s content with either trial.

Instabang also offers credits, which is considered the currency you may use if you want to have access on features that are outside your paid monthly subscriptions.

Since it’s an add-on, having or not having credits won’t affect your standing or access as an Instabang Gold member. The thing is, credits are mainly used on live cam shows. With it, you get to interact with and tip a cam model during their broadcasts. You may purchase any of the following:

Trial or no trial, the thing is, casual dating is not a new concept Matchbox photos. Why do you have to sign up and subscribe at Instabang instead of the other similar sites? Why should you go for Gold?

Why should you for Gold at Instabang? As a Gold member, you get to make the most by enjoying the following perks:

Free Deals

Before anything else, if you didn’t sign up because you were worried about paying upfront, then let’s clear that one up. Registration, even profile creation, is already a free function. Instabang won’t also set a deadline to your free account-you will only pay once you decided to purchase a Gold Membership (or trial).

Even better, the fun doesn’t stop at the registration process. Even with your free account, you are capable of enjoying several functions-to the fullest-for absolutely no hidden charges.

You may take a look around by using the advanced search filters to assess the quality of matches you’re going to make at Instabang. You may even go ahead and flirt a little. Send likes, add a member to your favourites list, and also send messages of your own-you can do all that with a free account at Instabang.

Like-minded Options

Another thing you’re bound to enjoy is the variety of sexually-charged individuals you’re going to meet at Instabang. Yes, you read that right: majority, if not all of the members, use Instabang to find hookups and casual dates although a little maybe down to see if you can make it long-term.

But so far, Instabang is known and use as a hookup site-a virtual space to explore and satisfy your sexual needs.

At present, Instabang is a global platform of over two million users and growing. Most are based in English-speaking US, Canada, and the United Kingdom; however, figures show that active members also come from South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, and France.

Apart from the nationality of your matches, Instabang boasts a good percentage of members per age range. These balanced figures somewhat show that sexual needs are universal, regardless of age and race.

Lastly, Instabang doesn’t limit you when it comes to orientation. The casual dating site wholeheartedly welcomes any member in search of a steamy encounter; the straights, LGBTQ+, curious, attached members all mingle well at Instabang.

Interactive and Safe

Any online dater will agree that high-member activity is always better than just a vast population. After all, who cares if the site has tens of millions of users when no one’s replying, right?

At Instabang, members are active. The newsfeed feature greatly resembles that of social media giants Facebook and Twitter in the sense that updates and posts are never-ending. Also, members are fueled by their boldness to find a potential hookup; no one’s shy when it comes to complimenting, commenting, and sending messages to another member.

Even if its interactive, Instabang made sure to balance the freedom with some well-meaning restrictions. For starters, all members may send a message but only those who paid for a Gold membership can reply. Other functionalities meant to give its users some privacy (e.g. private chats) are also in place for premium members. This way, potential scammers and catfishers are disheartened because they have to pay first.

But even without a Gold membership, Instabang takes its safety policy seriously. Instabang moderators regularly monitor the edits and uploads done by new and existing members. Users are also encouraged to report suspicious accounts for Instabang’s immediate action. And the website means it-suspicious, reported, and blatantly fake profiles are suspended almost in an instant and often without warning.

R-18 Fun All the Way

Apart from NSFW content uploaded by the users, Instabang also offers its adult content. The “Who Is Streaming” tab neatly lets you browse all the members who are currently streaming their steamy cam shows. If you want content from professional cam models, Instabang connected with a third-party website to produce Premium Live Cams. Through this feature, you get to stream and interact with the professional model of your choice.

Also, if you’re an aspiring model yourself, you may upload and even earn from your content. Instabang’s Premium Content feature is a collection of homemade R-18 photos that you may access in exchange for credits. You may also upload yours and earn as mentioned, through this feature.


Casual dating sites are in place because contrary to popular belief, finding a hookup isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3. But at Instabang, not only do you get a partner; you have options, a variety of adult content, and even a chance to express and earn all on one website. Now how do you join in the fun? Sign up now-it’s free.

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