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Egg Manufacturing Procedures of Warm Hermit Crab Paguristes Tortugae of Brazil

Egg Manufacturing Procedures of Warm Hermit Crab Paguristes Tortugae of Brazil

Fernando L. Yards. Mantelatto, Vera F. Alarcon, Renata B. Garcia, Eggs Design Actions of one’s Exotic Hermit Crab Paguristes Tortugae from Brazil, Diary away from Crustacean Biology, Frequency 22, Thing dos, 1975-99990246


The aim of the present study was to characterize the total and seasonal fecundity of the hermit crab Paguristes tortugae as well as the influence of shell type on fecundity using the morphometric relationship. Ovigerous females were collected monthly from January to December, 1998, in the infralittoral region of Anchieta Island. Samplings were performed using SCUBA. The hermit crabs and the gastropod shells were measured. Hermit wet weight and shell dry weight were recorded. For the fecundity analysis, only ovigerous females with the eggs in the early phase of development were selected. The number of eggs carried by individuals of several sizes (shield length), condition of development, and egg size were determined. A high percentage (%) of ovigerous females with eggs in the early phase of development were captured, with a low frequency (4.29%) of females with eggs in the final stage of development. Size-frequency distribution during the months showed two peaks in the ovigerous female population (2.5 to 3.4 mm and 4.0 to 5.4 mm of SL). |$ <\rm>\pm <\rm>$| fecundity was |$132 \pm 102$| eggs and tended to increase with increasing SL. No significant difference in fecundity occurred among the various seasons of the year. The results showed continuous and elevated reproduction of P. tortugae, with a high reproductive potential for the population. The pattern of the frequency distribution of ovigerous females tending to bimodality may be characteristic of a population with a two-year life cycle. Considering the four shells most occupied by P. tortugae (Pisania auritula, Cerithium atratum, Morula nodulosa, and Leucozonia nassa), the highest fecundity was observed for ovigerous females occupying larger shells (P. auritula and L. nassa). The reproductive aspects of P. tortugae were related to strategies developed to compensate for interspecific competition, i.e., high and continuous reproductive effort, early maturity, low fecundity, and larger eggs produced.

Degree for the reproductive procedures off Anomura was basically eliciting increasing demand for look at the reality that hermit crabs portray an enthusiastic fascinating classification of a physiological and you can evolutionary advice ( Mantelatto and Garcia, 1999). This group comprises more 800 species of the fresh hermit crabs of the world and it has experienced big update ( Ingle, 1993).

Hermit crabs represent an important portion of the of numerous intertidal and meagerly strong benthic organizations, in which they play an important role in the aquatic food chain ( Fransozo and you can Mantelatto, 1998). Nevertheless, partners studies have started held on the existence history or reproductive environment from hermit crabs weighed against almost every other decapods.

Fecundity is an important parameter inside crustaceans, among others, for determining the latest reproductive possible out of a variety and you will/otherwise of inventory size of a populace ( Mantelatto and you may Fransozo, 1997), possibly discussing new reproductive adaptations so you can environment requirements ( Sastry, 1983). Hermit crabs in particular, while they live in gastropod shells, manage a chance to study the fresh communication anywhere between money and you will reproductive method. Predicated on Wilber (1989), an effective female’s layer make a difference to the woman reproduction by determining if or not or clover maybe not she becomes ovigerous and you may/or limiting what number of egg lead. That it publisher considered several regions of the newest cover-size/breeding relationships, particularly about the variations in eggs creation when considering the latest variety, dimensions, frequency, and weight of one’s cover filled.

Eggs Production Tips of one’s Exotic Hermit Crab Paguristes Tortugae out of Brazil

As well, three groups of hermit crab specifically (i.elizabeth., the new genera Pagurus and you can Paguristes, while the “Pylopagurus-like” species), were a difficult class to study because the of several varieties is identified off only one or a number of localities, and several nevertheless-undescribed species are recognized to take place in the region, causing big character troubles among gurus and you will nonspecialists similar ( Hendrickx and you will Harvey, 1999). Paguristes tortugae Schmitt, 1933, try a fairly common types delivered on the West Atlantic out-of Florida so you can Brazil (as far south since Santa Catarina County) ( Rieger and you may Giraldi, 1997; Melo, 1999). Regardless of the partners papers on the entire biology off pagurids, P. tortugae might have been apparently well-studied (select Mantelatto and you may Sousa, during the force, to own opinion).

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